Training Community Professionals

Pierce County has made impressive strides over the past several years in recognizing the presence of sex trafficking across the county and in forming an ambitious response to the problem by service professionals and concerned community members. With that said, we recognize that many are still seeking information on commercial sexual exploitation/sex trafficking, including how to identify commercial sexual exploitation, how to offer or refer services, how to support a trafficked individual as well as how to support and prepare your staff and/or colleagues to identify and refer clients appropriately. Rebuilding Hope! Sexual Assault Center for Pierce County and the STRAPWA program is proud to offer staff members who are certified to train professionals on how to respond to commercial sexual exploitation. If you are looking for a direct service-providing, expert professional from our agency to train your group of professionals on how to identify, serve and/or refer youths and/or adults either at risk of or experiencing sex trafficking, please complete this form and you will be contacted in 1-2 business days to discuss scheduling options and training details.

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