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Case Management and Community Therapy

Youths and adults who identify as having experienced Sex Trafficking either in the present or past, or who are at risk for becoming exploited, are eligible for services through the Sex Trafficking Response & Awareness Program of Washington (STRAPWA). These services are provided free of charge, and include strengths-based case management, empowerment-based advocacy, and community therapy. The CSE (commercial sexual exploitation) Case Managers will provide unconditional support as well as resources and referrals for medical, legal, therapeutic and social services across Pierce County. The Community Therapist will provide crisis intervention, emotional support, and coping skills development within their own communities (whether in-home, a local park, coffee shop, or diner) to individuals who have experienced sex trafficking.

The Case Managers and Community Therapist will provide unconditional, non-judgmental support and belief to any individual who accesses services through STRAPWA. These services can be accessed by clients at their time of choosing or by referral and can be refused by the client at any point in time. We believe all youths and adults have the right to self-determination when it comes to choosing their path of healing and service provision when possible. Services are directly provided to clients 13 years of age or older; if the primary client is 12 or under, then wrap-around support can be provided to their caregivers/guardians/family members.

The goal of STRAPWA is to enhance client services by actively connecting individuals who have experienced CSE with supportive systems in the community that can assist them by increasing safety and promoting self-sufficiency.

Drop-In Center

The Center has moved to a larger location in the Tacoma community. Case Managers will be on-site and available to provide resources for clients. At-risk youth or currently exploited clients can walk-in, be dropped off and/or transported by a Case Manager (depending on availability) to the Drop-In Center during the hours from 8am-8pm on Monday, Wednesday-Friday and 12pm-8pm on Saturday. Tuesdays are for appointments only. Clients will have access to showers, laundry facilities, a full kitchen, and hygiene products, a change of clothes, food and refreshments, as well as access to our resource room with computers for professional/academic research. STRAPWA’s expansion will also include having additional resources for clients to build life skills. This includes independent living experiences (e.g cooking clients can get a food handler’s permit here), budgeting exercises, education and employment support for our clients.

The Drop-In Center is available to clients 18 years and older who stop by during the business hours listed above. Clients under 18 years of age can access Drop-In Center supplies during these hours, but must have STRAPWA staff available for supervision for continued use of the Center. To ensure a case manager is available for support, please call or email our STRAPWA hotline at 253–444–5351 or casemanager@strapwa.org.

If you would like to make a referral to the STRAPWA Case Management program, please select the following that best describes your relationship to the client:

If you would like to make a referral to the STRAPWA Community Therapist, please select the following: