Program Development Support

We, alone, cannot combat sex trafficking or effectively serve all needs of all individuals and families impacted by commercial sexual exploitation. We have witnessed first-hand how powerful and empowering it can be to offer our clients multiple agencies, organizations and community groups that can provide specific services and supports to them that are outside the scope of our mission and/or ability. These professional collaborations are key to modeling to our clients and the entire community the value of leveraging connections and relationships that can help clients escape their exploitive experience and establish a network of multiple, positive supports in order to create and accomplish long-term, self-sustaining goals for healthy and safe living.

It is critical that all community partners involved in this feat are designing their program and/or service(s) in a competent, trauma-informed and client-centered manner so as to ensure best practices are being utilized and staff/service providers feel prepared serve clients directly. If you are preparing to develop, implement or add a professional program or service to specifically be accessed by individuals experiencing sex trafficking and are seeking a professional consultant to provide program development support, we are here to help! Please complete this form for our staff to receive and you will receive a response in 1-2 business days to schedule a consultation and discuss initial detail and/or questions.

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