Upon learning about the prevalence and damaging consequences of commercial sexual exploitation in our community, many will hopefully be called to join the fight, whether that be financially, joining a local coalition or — at least — to share the information and increase awareness about this issue throughout the region.

Some of you might be compelled or called to serve directly with clients and families impacted by sexual violence and sex trafficking. If this is you, know there is always a need for available, compassionate and dedicated individuals to serve as victim advocates within the Advocacy Department at Rebuilding Hope!, which triages the STRAPWA program. If you are interested in being considered as the newest addition to our advocacy team, please complete the form below and you will be contacted to schedule an interview with the Department Director.

Please follow these links to access the application for advocacy volunteer and/or internship positions and to see when the next required Basic Sexual Assault Awareness (BSAAT) training is scheduled for prospective advocates to attend.